Funding from the European Union

EU funding programmes

European Union system offers funding which is available for all types of companies of any size and sector including entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and larger businesses. A wide range of financing is available: business loans, microfinance, guarantees and venture capital. Direct funding is possible by contracts and grants and it is especially attractive for business because, under particular conditions, grants are non- refundable. Entrepreneurs are entitled to apply for grants and contracts managed by the European Commission. To access the grants company should apply to the relevant regional or national authorities where the company is registered. However, grants are given to specific projects that relate to EU policies. Usually, the application is successfully approved if a business or a related organization runs projects that further the interests of the EU. That is why the crucial issue is the right topic and business plan described with details in the application form. A successful business plan should reflect the EU expectation. Completing an application form can be a time-consuming obstacle lot of enterprises, even if they have a creative business plan. That is why our experts offer help and support starting from advising, proposing the right business plan, completing the application form and finally applying
for a business grant.

AdvantagesSetting up or expanding company demands particular investment what sometimes is not easy. If the shortage of your budget limits your development the European Funding is the topic to focus on. European grants provide financial power to start and grow your company.

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Why to apply for funding

● Opening a wide range of opportunities according to EU policy
● Financial power to open and develop a company
● The implementation of new technologies and renewing equipment
● Bigger budget by possibly non- returnable funds, without bank loan
● Possibility to multiply your man power
● Improving of local environment and improving your business

What we can do for you

We help you to discover the idea and the process of European grants from the
beginning until the last step.

We offer consulting to choose the best direction of development based on EU
policy and your company needs.

We offer professional application writing, look through the documents
and preparing the budget to be acceptable for suitable authorities.

how can we help you?

Contact us by e-mail or telephone or submit a business inquiry online.

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