About us

We offer initiating a business partnership between European and non-European companies

…export-import, business plan, market research and prices research, advertising and marketing tools, suppliers, opening a bank account, storage, workspace, address, European telephone number, international transport and product delivery, accounting services, European law and regulations support with our partners, credit card terminal equipment, translation all languages ( technical, medical, technical, etc. ), office, recruitment of employees, creating websites according to GDPR, digital business and more.

Do you search for business partners to manufacture to distribute and supply your products and services in Europe? We help your business to find the right international partners to grow and expand in European countries in order to manufacture or distribute your products, access new markets, find the technology to input innovation in your business, cooperate in research and development projects. We are open to all kinds of business.


Faircom International group is a forward looking group of passionate professionals in European business and Media marketing with the relevant experience to match.

Why choose us


security is one of the important elements. We pay careful attention to our customers’ data and privacy policy


Our company has a lot of experience in the European and non-European market for several years. Our activities include all the business areas so as we are able to provide the right answer and professional advice


our knowledge bases on information and skills acquired through years of experience and education. We understand the business market theoretical and practical. Our teams of experts are based on determination and reliability with a lot of knowledge suitable for your business


Circumstances of every case are individual and different. Our company based on experience and knowledge finds the best solution for every individual case


we pay deep attention listening to our customers to know their requirements to give the best results

Always on time

your time is very important for us. We commit to keep the schedule which is expected


the business world is changing rapidly and sometimes unpredictably. We are following the market reacting dynamically to all the circumstances


we support our customers from A to Z during all the process satisfying customer expectations. Your success and satisfaction are our priority


the quality of our service is based on knowledge and experience. Excellence is our standard

Our mission

Our company is based on honesty and transparency. Our customers are involved in every step and part of the process. We provide the widest stability the market can give to your business. Knowledge and involvement which the customer is given during the process let them make the right business decisions.

We believe that time is a great value for our customers and a crucial element so as we follow the schedule carefully. 

  • service quality standards
  • support and reliability
  • build business reputation
  • grow the client’s finances
  • business process optimization
  • achieve the client’s final destination

Our experience

Business Services 93%
Customer products 78%
Digital Media 86%
Advertising and marketing 94%

Our team

Digital development service
Nowadays the media is an integral part of your business.
It is the face of your company and the most important first impression.
read more
Media and digital business plan
Creating website, catalogue, e-shop, logo,
business card etc. demands a strategy and knowledge
to planyour campaign following the media rules from A to Z.
learn more


Our marketing team provides professional support in promoting your products or services, building the awareness of your brand, and offering customer service and engagement in public. Our team is made up of experts in every domain. We help your company to attract new clients, and a whole host of other activities that keep your business moving forward.


Experienced IT specialists in all main open content management systems as WordPress, Shopify, Joomla and more take charge of clever design, building your digital strategy and online campaigns of effective effect on your business. Our customers receive the support and service in every subject. Creative experts expand your goals with full proficiency leaving a strong, long lasting impression using the best newest tools without compromise on quality.


Our support built on veterans with years experienced in different administrative organs and knowledge provide professional service in legal issues connected to business. Each field specialists offer comprehensive, high-quality, timely and reliable legal service considering individual requirements. We provide your company with legal advice and service in the fields of administrative and civil laws, labor, corporative, intellectual property as certificates and patenting, customs and tax and protect your rights and interests in administrative organs.


Our support of specialists provide service in business cases connected to import – export as administrative issues, professional legal translations, supplying registration and correspondence address. Proficiency level accounting specialists service your company in bookkeeping providing the most effective tax solutions. The team helps your company to develop your business activity in import – export in European and non-European countries.


Our experts team provides your company with the knowledge and data necessary to develop your business activities in a foreign country. Professional advice and market research with a mproper team with years of experience will help you to find the best solutions and opportunities regarding local suppliers, delivery solutions, prices and local manpower. Our company offers mprofessional, high-quality, timely and reliable service considering individual requirements.

Looking for a First-Class Business Plan Consultant?

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