Introduce your product to the European market

European Union means a population of almost half a billion people with high purchasing power. The European market has high potential, attending it gives the local businesses an access to a huge amount of consumers, the possibility of development, using a wide range of services, technological innovations and unlimited options. That is why entering European business area is a great opportunity for the business. However, entering the EU market is definitely worth the effort and investment every company which has the ambition to introduce their products on the European market needs to be prepared for some obstacles. Every country has different culture, mentality.
language, bureaucracy, local authority system etc. There are a lot of local aspects which need to be taken into consideration to build a successful product marketing. Company planning to introduce
their product on the EU market should be familiar with the local competition so as market research and prices research is a necessary step. The local market, competition, services and purchasing
power differ in different countries. Differences in mentality and social issues are also important,
different societies have different buying habits, preferences and needs. Therefore, wide knowledge of local market is a must. That is why we offer professionals and business advisors who know the target market well, can help to face the obstacles and succeed.
Another challenge and complicated issue which every businessman entering the EU market will face local regulations. EU countries can have extensive and detailed bureaucracy. Adopting your product to the local regulations, taxation, gaining necessary certificates is a condition and not an easy task.
Regarding anti-cartel and money laundering policy there are various limitations regulating the transfer of funds from one country to another, which requires proper legal preparation. Our
company enterpriseeu Sp. z o.o. Ltd supports your business from A to Z, how to conduct business, assist you in establishing the international structure and to gain necessary certificates.

We help companies to assess their possibilities and choose a new direction to develop and establish their business activity on European market.

We help companies to assess their possibilities and choose a new direction to develop and establish their business activity on European market.

Technology, food, clothing

Introduce your product to the European market

Business planning and strategy
Important points to market products and services in EU which make the difference.
● Meet common buyer requirements
● Adapt business culture to local mentality
● Do market research, set the prices carefully
● Organise your documentation
● Build long-term relationships with local suppliers, accountant office and legal services
● Act in professional manner

research beyond the business plan

The most popular sections to introduce your business on European market are: agriculture products, chemicals, textiles and technology. However, the European market has very high potential and there is a space for almost every product the mentioned sectors are the easiest to introduce.

If you plan to introduce your business in Europe you would need basic documentation as: certificates of incorporation, bank reference letters, description of the scope of your business, its purpose and the reason for expanding, country address and the passport copies.

Doing business in another country you need to consider culture differences, language, dress code, mentality, buying habits. The time of reactions, negotiation pace and steps can differ in different places. Short cut can influence your business relationships.

business plan market

A good business plan requires going beyond experience and intuition and considering fact-based market research so don’t make yourself down by avoiding research. You need to be confident in your understanding of the market.

  • executive summary
  • market analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • management and organization
  • marketing plan
  • sales strategy
  • financial projection

competitor research & analysis

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