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Nowadays the media is an integral part of your business.
It is the face of your company and the most important first impression.
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Media and digital business plan
Creating website, catalogue, e-shop, logo,
business card etc. demands a strategy and knowledge
to planyour campaign following the media rules from A to Z.
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Today every company or a sole trader needs to have a website, landing page, or digital catalog, and business cards, etc. Most of the customers today research the market online before purchasing. If you do not have a website you have no chance at capturing most of the customers on the market. The platform allows you to position yourself in the market to get the exact type of customers you are looking for. What is more, the website is available 24/7 by any place and digital tool so it is a permanent advertisement of your products. Secondly, a website is the business card of the company. Well-built and attractive websites boost the popularity of the product and legitimate the business, make the company more reliable. Most customers and businessmen do not trust companies which do not have a well-done website. Websites offer a better return on investment than any other form of advertising. Creative and well-built websites or e-shops ( known as web stores or digital stores ) allow you to make a very strong impression with a well-designed introduction for your business which improves the position of the company. Most of the business partners and customers contact you because of the website or e-shop. The advanced digital world today develops in a fast way. That is why we recommend you to build a website to be ready for the future and up to date for the next years and avoid frequent changes. In order to build a good website you need to consider your goals, target customers, target business location and the purpose of the website. A few important elements are catchy domain, keywords, design, interesting text, creating interest for the audience, SSL and cohesion to various tools as computer, tablets, smartphones etc. A good website should be also connected to popular social media as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc. These elements make a huge difference. An important issue is that the complementary products of the websites are good hosting, location of the hosting and speed, capacity, server, panel, temples and service. All these factors have a significant effect on searching engine what influence the visibility of the website. If all these elements are composed in optimal form the website will be better accessible, useful and friendly. Well composed website is easy to be found either by the searching engine and by the customers. The next issue is publishing the website in SEO and analyzing. The well-created website provides successful results and opposite, even expensive and published but not well-built websites will not provide results as expected, which is a popular mistake which leads to losing income and customers. Your website is the face of the company, it presents who you are, your professionality and reliability. Our team of experts specialize in developing websites, promotion in social media, SEO, PHP, landing pages, digital catalogs, business cards. We offer high-quality service and the most advanced technology using the highest quality and the most developed software available in the market as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, E-Commerce, Wix, Weebly, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, Zapier, Drupal, Squarespace and much more. We manage and synchronize web stores with Amazon and eBay. The small details make the difference. We tailor every product to our customer individual needs providing regular full support during all the process until the customer confirms his approval and satisfaction. We provide regular support for our customers. We also provide necessary solutions and support for future changes following technological development. We provide our clients with the best complementary tools for the final product so as it is prepared in the most professional way. We believe in the service of professional transparency and reliability and we are committed to customer and time. That is what makes us different.

Consulting our company will help you to assess your needs by the most high-tech software tools leading you to the most creative ideas.

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Why customers choose us

The newest software

We use the most advanced and exclusive software on the market which is constantly upgraded. We use only software with licence.

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Ideas and creativity

Our expert team provide the best solutions based on creativity and professionalism. We come up with innovative ideas on the best way to present your information.

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Service and support

The highest quality of service is our priority. Our expert team support you according to your individual issue. What’s more, we provide individual representative.

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We are experts in

Must-have in business

Business card

The first thing which you share with your customer during the business meeting. It has an significant impact on your first business meeting.


The proper business logo helps your company to attract customers, to gain recognition and build trust. Everything about your company in one icon.

Brochure and catalogue

Brochures and catalogues, both in paper or digital version help you to
build conversation with your client and introduce your offer about your products and services and
grow opportunities.


An important investment, real must have for every company nowadays. International, accessible anytime advertisement of your company . Face of your company essential for business growth.

Social media

Social media as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are an integral part of your campaign. A complementary product to publish your business activity by media 360.

Media and
Video animations

Videos are the short and attractive way to present your business goals
engaging all the senses. Powerful tool for SEO.

Important steps for media


To form your ideas into final product you need to consider research market, a budget, limitations, time and possibilities. Regard the presence and future steps.


Choose the formula and the frame, create the text considering key words, plan photos and videos. Design your media products.

Campaign and strategy

Plan your activity in social media for the short and long term, mailing
campaign, e.g. gifts, tip movies etc, cooperation with other companies as link sharing.


Make known your final products dividing your resources in balance into a few ways of advertising as banner, catalogue, social media posts and obviously website.

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