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Progress and double-digit revenue increases came at a price for one leading company: an overtaxed supply chain that appeared to weaken market share.

The strategy greatly affected the company’s strategy for import- export and implementation functions; they recognized that in this world of technology, their accounting processes required to be much more flexible than they currently are. They engaged the support of consulting to upgrade their import – export  systems. We have experience in case of import-export solutions for many years. We have partners that cooperate in work with the case of import-export solutions. We are given good opinions in case of import-export.


The primary issue was not using technologies effectively. So much analysis was also being done manually, which means that the numbers required an extraordinary amount of time to collect and then review. Additionally, live data was not available, and assessments could not be made before the needed data was collected. This was impacting development of import – export trade; they recognized that if they could be more mobile, they could control a larger portion of the market and  international trade boosts the sales  and  developed business relations with other countries. Ltd. faced three major issues as a result of the work:

Enhance sales, processes, and manufacturing planning:

The teams concentrated their energies in order to complete a review of the current planning of import – export mechanism, identify gaps in the scheduling system, and develop a systematic knowledge of demand and supply variance.

Calculate the optimal supply chain

The team of experts concentrated their energy on a few high-value sales and operation import-export planning levers in order to do a review of the current planning stage, identify gaps in the planning system, and gain a strategic perception of international trade and  developed business relations with other countries.

Determine the proper inventory level:

With hundreds of goods available, a company required a reliable system for calculating and managing their import- export process. The teams established acceptable levels for goods and services by a mean absolute percentage analysis of real against forecasted sales on the most critical issue. International trade boosted the sales  and  developed business relations with other countries.


The solve the issue consulting proposed a strategy that combined cutting-edge technologies with usefulness. All recognized that processes needed to be updated; the main difficulty was doing so without negatively impacting import – export trade and the whole enterprise. The solution was to implement proper workload management through computers, while still supplying participants with mobile platforms.This encouraged employees to stay engaged in their jobs International trade boosted the sales  and  developed business relations with other countries.


Company’s staff now have increased participation; business now has the advantage of effectively producing reports as appropriate. They will now make instant judgments based on the latest real-time results.The effort significantly improved the company’s planning and implementation functions, developed and introduced a new stock strategy that took individual Items and main variables into consideration, simplified the order preparation phase, and decreased delivery transport times between countries. International trade boosted the sales  and  developed business relations with other countries.

By the numbers, the effort is as follows:

  • Reduction in lead time 48%
  • Reduced variability by 51%
  • Reduced the chance of backorders by 85%
  • Increased finished product supply by 18%
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