Employing local and global employees

Recruitment of employees

The process of finding candidates, reviewing applicant credentials, screening potential employees and selecting employees for a company is not a simple process, especially if you need to hire local employees in a foreign country. Employee engagement and employee development is very important for every company. Effective recruitment results in an organization hiring employees who are skilled, experienced and good fits with your corporate culture. Proper recruitment attracts higher quality candidates, increase their performance and profitability. It is important to consider the business plans of company, corporate culture while you are recruiting of employees. What is more, recruiting local employees employed according to the local law often let reduce the costs. enterpriseeu offers a service of professional recruitment agency which carries out the searching for employees by a criterion that is provided by the customer. Our recruitment experts make all efforts to prepare the best candidates for work to customers analyzing the bases of data from recruitment, carrying out of interviews, choosing the best candidate

We offer a service of professional recruitment of local workers which
carries out the searching for employees by a criterion that is provided by the customer according to local legacy.

The benefits of local employees

● It’s easy and usually low-cost employing

● Providing local knowledge and area

● Knowledge of local mentality, language and customs

● Brings diversity to your team

● Gain trust among local entrepreneurs

● New creative solutions

● Less bureaucracy and no need of work permit

Research beyond the local manpower

Sending your employee abroad usually means higher salary, cost and effort. Even through, your employees have experience in your company they would demand language training and they are not familiar with local mentality and custom.

Sending your employee abroad means the cost of travelling, accommodation and additional insurance for foreign etc.

Hiring local man power means more options of employment, as temporary employment, part-time jobs, changing locations and replacement of man power, if necessary.

How to hire a local employee?

Employment law in foreign country is often complex and usually designed to protect the employee.
So as, it is important to obtain the necessary knowledge before the recruitment process. Hiring professional experts who are familiar with the employment legacy of the host country is essential so you avoid the unnecessary bureaucracy and problems.

● Get know the local legacy, tax, insurance and payroll
● Research local salary for your kind of business
● Agree basic terms of assignment
● Draft an bilingual employee contract
● Be up to date on changes in host country legislation

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