General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

GDPR European system

The General Data Protection Regulation usually known as GDPR is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It is applicable in every European country. Although it can be called differently in different countries, e.g. RODO in Poland it is a unified system. GDPR is a set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. It aims to simplify the regulatory environment for business and customers. Processing includes the collection, organization, structuring, storage, use, communication, combination, restriction, erasure or destruction of personal data. Compliance of the GDPR regulations is mandatory for every company acting in EU area, especially regarding websites and contacts with customers, as well as the storage of customer data. That is why every website must contain the GDPR regulations, complete information of data storage and using and proceeding of customer permission. Our enterprise enterpriseeu team offers to create a professional website according to GDPR regulations. We provide complete service for creating websites according to GDRP law regulations of EU and your country law. We offer to build all kinds of websites in all languages with our or your design. Service includes domain, hosting, text, photos, videos, SSL, etc.

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