Price and products research on the local market

Price research

Export product to Europe market:

Company planning to introduce their product on the EU market should be familiar with the local competition so as market research and prices research is a necessary step. The local market, competition, services and purchasing power differ in different countries and getting to know the local market is a key to a successful marketing and advertising campaign. Our company will do professional market research preparing to introduce the product for the new market. Price research lets you know the new market, to find out how much customers will pay, as well as how much competitors charge for similar or the same products. Our experts help to choose the best pricing technique and set a value-based price. We provide all the information and data-based tools to properly predict the customer perception of the new market in a foreign country.

European market research

Saving income
Transmission of innovations and technology
Competitive price
Reliable for customers
Pricing legacy
Creative research

Research market analyse

  • Analyse the demand and the prices  of the product on the local market
  • Select your target customers
  • Understand the buying habits and the market willingness to purchase
  • Identify the products that offer the highest and the lowest value even if they do not exist on the market
  • B2B  and B2C research
  • Get the highest return on your product investment

Planning and strategy

Beyond the price research

With our service you will find the best price for products you are focused on. With our knowledge and years of experience we skim the market and find the offer for the wide range of products in the best prices.

Pricing of even identical or similar products differ in different countries according to the local demand, buying habits and purchasing power. We provide pricing research for the macro and micro considering all the elements as production process, delivery, design etc.

With knowledge and connection of local market we offer connecting your company with local producers, suppliers and distributors that provide the products suitable for your individual need in the best prices and quality.

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