Transporting products and dropshipping

Transport and delivery

Entrepreneurs who transport goods from the EU using transport from their country often pay more A high level of cooperation between European countries has led to developing and maintaining transport networks. However, organizing delivery to or from Europe we can face some obstacles. enterpriseeu group by enterpriseeu offers a few kinds of services related to transportation and delivery while you are going to import or export goods in and out of the EU what helps you to pass the process easily. Organizing delivery from or to Europe requires knowledge of European regulations connected to delivery, contacting the transport company and organizing the whole process. It is necessary to know the regulations governing the transport of specific goods e.g. hazardous goods, customs regulations and transport regulations. Organization delivery without support requires a lot of effort and time-consuming research. Our company helps to organize the transport of goods in accordance with the regulations, including legal regulations related to the transport of hazardous goods, the quantity of goods, the conditions and duration of transport, avoiding possible obstacles on the border. We cooperate only with experienced and reliable shipping companies. The conditions of delivery are always consulted with our customer
The problem that may appear while transporting goods from Europe is the fact that some companies do not ship and sell goods outside the EU or just in a specific country. We have a simple and convenient solution. We offer a delivery service to our company's address in the EU, and then we organize transport to the customer according to the law. What is more, we offer also storage if it is necessary. While importing goods from Europe, companies usually use the services of delivering companies from their country. People usually choose this option because they want to avoid the difficulties e.g. the language barrier but it is a more expensive solution. That way you avoid problems related to searching for the right company, negotiating in a foreign language, but it is more expensive because the transport needs to pass double way. We offer a solution that reduces costs and is equally convenient. enterpriseeu offers the possibility of transport from and to any country in Europe by using the service of well- known and experienced local transport companies, which significantly simplifies procedures and reduces costs and effort. The service would be organized in your time zone and your language.

Range of transport

  • Aviation transport
  • Railway transport
  • Truck and car transport
  • Shipping delivery
  • Mailing and post

Practical solutions

We offer the possibility of storage in a few countries in Europe. Solution that makes the organization of delivery items to your customers much faster and economic . You can divide your delivery into a few terms , quantity and directions.

We offer packing service with your own brand so as you can combine the items and pack them with individual package, your logo and design before delivery to your end customer or to your address.

Dropshipping is very popular solution for SOHO, SME and CORP business. We provide the service of dropshipping , we offer buying and sending products to you or to your customer directly.

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