Cooperation with another region is often connected to a lot of obstacles as cultural differences, language, different mentality, time zone, local law regulation, bureaucracy etc.  The package offered by enterpriseeu consists of complete business services from A to Z. We can save your time, effort, labour and expenses and you can be sure that your case is continued in efficiently and according to the law.

It is, but it demands a wide knowledge, a lot of research, fluent language and a lot of time and effort. What is more, is no guarantee if we succeed. Building a new activity with a professional advisor is usually faster and more effective so as even more economic.

European Union has a big population of high purchasing power. The European market has high potential, possibility of development and wide range of services, technological innovations and unlimited options. That is why entering European business area is a great opportunity for the business. Import- export activity in EU opens your company a lot of new products or let your product to be introduce to the new group of customers.

The first step is to get knowledge about the country we would like to start the activity, exploring the country regarding the local market, products and services. You should be sure that your product is needed. Then, next step is to take a necessarily measures to set up the business e.g. open a tax file, open an account with a local bank, find a headquarter etc.

In case your company has an income from abroad or you are planning a business on larger scale you may consider opening a foreign company in one of the countries to avoid double taxation. Owning a local company opens wilder opportunities in a foreign country.

If you plan to open a sole trader company abroad you must be a citizen or to have a residence permission. A Ltd kind of company can be open by the foreign because in this case a company itself is a legal entity.

Yes, a company can open either a new headquarter or set up a new company. Many connections and hierarchies can be established in this way.

No. However there are possibilities to apply online finally setting up a company demands our physical presence at the country where the company is being established. It is possible to complete the formalities by legal representative.

Cooperating with European companies opens opportunities of new business relationships, marketing new products, services, better contact with customers and suppliers. What is more, cooperation with local companies, attorney offices, accountant offices etc. familiar with local jurisdiction and circumstances help your company to act properly and avoid unnecessary financial increases.

Cooperation between two or more countries often is a source of doubts about the jurisdiction, which law do we need to obey? It depends of the jurisdiction of the country which the company is set up. Regarding the issue od certificates the product needs to meet the standards either exporting and the importing country.

If you would like to open a bank account as a private the proceeding depends of your statues and the policy of the bank. Some banks accept just the residents, other residents and non-residents. To open a business bank account the company should be already registered in the country where you would like to open an account.

It is a complicated issue depending on the related countries, the jurisdiction and the kind of your business activity. Generally, in order to minimize double taxation is recommended to coordinate the tax between EU and non-EU country.


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