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Preparing your products for the new marketplace is a wide process and often demands new marketing strategies. Advertisements help to create awareness regarding given products and services, help boost sales and grow the popularity of the product. Creating an advertisement that can appeal to a majority of people is a key to success, it ensures that a business can get well on the market. However, the marketing strategies should be suitable to the local market and it requires knowledge and experience. Advertising which is successful in one country not necessarily is successful in another. Even if European law is standardized the mentality of the people, their buying habits are not. Every country has different culture, mentality, language, economy etc. There are a lot of local aspects which need to be taken into consideration to build a successful product marketing. All these aspects are difficult to be recognized if you are not a resident of a particular country. enterpriseeu offers professional support for companies which want to build a successful marketing strategy and advertisement. Our expert team does all the
necessary market research to build a successful strategy tailored for a particular product introduced in a particular market. Effective product assessment, market definition, media analysis, and budgetary choices result in an optimum plan. Our company offers also full support in advertising strategy which helps to reach and persuade a local customer to buy a product or a service. Our experts using knowledge and experience prepare a data driven campaign for your company, taking into account local mentality, temperament, research market and purchasing power. We offer a full range of traditional and online advertising tools. Our creative specialists offer to build a professional website and prepare a strategy in social media that lets you gain access to a massive online audience. We offer service to prepare catalogs, leaflets, billboards, banners etc. prepared by local professionals, what significantly reduces costs. We can also publish your product to the relevant B2B as retailer, supplier and B2C, etc. We help to initiate business relations with local producers and suppliers.


● Lower cost of creating banners, leaflets etc. by local designers
● Locally designed advertisement meets the local business culture, mentality and language
● Using materials suitable to the local conditions
● Building advertising strategy suitable for local customers
● Media advertising created by local designers suitable for your goals
● Avoid translation, transport, and maintenance
● Advertising according to the local law

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