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Social media
Meeting your digital marketing goals and achieving what you like are two very different things. We're here to support the team establish realistic goals based on a strategy that delivers what the organization wants to do, regardless of expenditure, with years of digital marketing experience.
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Website design
Any business faces a significant challenge when it comes to developing or redesigning a new website. As a web design company, we have worked with businesses of all types. Our experienced team knows how to provide the results you need on every project, regardless of scale or budget
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Trademark in Europe
Registering a trademark in the European Intellectual Property Rights Office ( EUIPO ) provides protection for your brand, logo, name. It identifies and protects your products and services.
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Digital 360
We build and design all kinds of website platforms, business cards, landing pages, web stores and logos. What is more, we offer copywriting, professional translations, SEO, building applications, promoting in social media, posts, video clips, digital catalogues and much more for all needs.
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Price and products research on the local market
The balance between the best quality and the suitable price is the main condition of a successful business. We give professional service and knowledge to research the local market which gives the most effective and powerful solutions to be steps ahead of your competitors
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Advertising and marketing
We help to expose your products and services in the European market and opposite, to market European products out of Europe. We provide all professional tools for modern marketing to sell your products for web stores, suppliers, producers and entrepreneurs. We help to initiate business relations with suitable producers, dealers for buying and selling your products
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Transporting products and dropshipping
We offer to organize delivery from and to Europe according to regulations. What is more, we do service of drop shipping service in case the company would like to trade with a company which does not offer the delivery to your country with the agreement of the supplier.
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Employing local and global employees
Professional recruitment by recruitment agency results in hiring the highest quality professionals. What is more, recruiting local employees usually results in reducing the costs of manpower for entrepreneurs
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Professional translations
Professional translation takes into account local legacy, business culture and mentality what is very important to have a successful business abroad and to communicate with proper meaning. We offer professional business, technical, medical finance and general translations.
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Legal support
Company registration, preparation of relevant documents, signing contracts, etc. require professional knowledge of local law. We offer legal service and legal advice by the team of our professional partners.
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Company address and correspondence
Company address and correspondence Providing an address is a basic condition to register a company in a foreign country. We offer help to find and optimal address in attractive locations, a virtual address to register your company according to the law and service of notifying you about your correspondence without the necessity of the personal presence
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According to European law as in most of the countries creating a new company required registration in a few steps so as it demands taking legal measures. As far as the company is created regular bookkeeping is required basing on the local tax system.
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